Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tony's 2011

So I realize that I haven't posted in a while, but I once again have the sudden urge to blog. Go figure. Anyway tonight was the Tony's and of course I glued myself to the TV for a good three hours as is the way with such events. A few thoughts that went through my head:

1: This was a MUCH better year on Broadway than the train wreck that was 2009. Last year's Tony's was torture.

2: LOVE Neil Patrick Harris hosting, as he is hilarious and always entertaining, however, I desperately miss Hugh Jackman.

3: Speaking of Hugh Jackman, WHY oh why did he marry that woman who is at least 20 years his senior, but is not blessed with the same ageless beauty as Helen Miren, and why did the camera man insist on panning over to them every three seconds to remind us of that fact??

4: The Book of Mormon Musical. I have tried SO hard to be cool about it and let it be all in good fun, but it is incredibly difficult. I haven't actually seen it, so I can't judge it on artistic merit or what have you, but it just bothers me that it's always okay to make fun of the Mormons, but all other religions are off limits. I guess I would just ask for a little sliver of respect. And this is all I've got to say about that.

5: Norbert Leo Butz is INCREDIBLE and totally deserved that Tony. I practically on my knees begging the powers at be to give him that award. And who doesn't love a talented person who is super humble and down to earth?

6: Sutton Foster is just cute. Not to mention incredibly talented--and WHEN did she start dating Vince from Will and Grace?? I kinda wanted him to win so that they could have twinner Tonys :)

7:That little girl from Lion King who died of Leukemia was BEAUTIFUL. Plain and simple.

8: Not quite sure what the Good People chick was wearing. She looked like she was a little lost or had forgotten that she was going to the TONY'S.

9: Did we need really to see Memphis perform AGAIN? Can't we just forget that they were sadly, and quite embarrassingly the best musical Broadway had offer last season? Also, on a side note...Ghost the musical? Really?

10: I am going out and buying the album to Scottsboro Boys. Just can't resist a bunch of hot black men who can sing.

And I think that's about it...I now get to go and register for my very first semester at BYU :/ Frightening but true. Hopefully I will post again before next year's Tony's. <3 Thanks for reading :)

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  1. It's funny to hear you say that Sutton Foster is cute and talented because I spent the whole night listening to Brian's sister Amy say how much she hates her... ha ha. I love how people can all have such opposite opinions on things. Keeps things interesting :)

    The "Good People chick" Frances McDormand is crazy like that I guess. She never dresses up to anything.

    Oh,and as much as the Mormons assume The Book of Mormon musical to be totally mean-spirited... it's not. I've heard the soundtrack. A few songs I'm sure Mormons would definitely not like because of the language, but otherwise the rest of the songs are really endearing and favorable to the LDS faith. It's not anything that will convert people, but I feel like it will make Mormons seem more endearing in the public eye. It was surprisingly sweet.