Monday, December 27, 2010

Turns out that keeping a blog up is a lot of hard work. Must post more than once every year and a quarter. Wow. The last year has been kind of insane but quite wonderful. Some highlights since I last posted (not necessarily in order) :

1. Started my senior year. 10 credits away from graduating with my associates.
2. Realized who my true friends were, which is an eye opening experience.
3. Got a car.
4. Got a job. (Then got a car)
5. Had my first kiss
6. Lost fifteen pounds and gained ten.
7. Went to Disneyland!
8. Had an amazing vist from my wonderful Aussie friend Tanya.
9. Had the first real loss of my life in the form of a childhood friend.
10. Paid off my car.
11. Discovered and have used it to successfully pirate at least 500 songs.
12. Went to prom.
13. Experienced my first blizzard.
14. Had the hardest football year of my life.
15. Got my YW recongition award.
16. Posted my first video on Youtube.
17. Discovered (and this is slightly embarassing) karaoke duets on Youtube. You can sing with recorded male voices :)
18. Got a 30 on the ACT
19. Took a Tennis Class at BYU
20. Auditioned for Glee
21. Made more cupcakes in one year than I have my whole life.
22. Saw Audra McDonald live from 5 feet away.
23. Locked my keys in the car. Twice. In one day.
24. Pulled my first double.
25. Successfully survied New Moon, Eclipse and Harry Potter 7.1
26. Started Insanity which lead to the loss of 15 pounds.
27. Sang in a choir with Lex DeAzevedo and met the most amazing piano player ever.
28. Found out said piano player was gay which sort of crushed my hopes and dreams.
29. Acheived a higher level of hatred for the University of Utah.
30. Applied to college.
31. Watched my first Barbara Streisand movie (thanks to Glee).
32. Changed my major/life goals at least 5 times.
33. Saw Steel Magnolias for the first time.
34. Work on a holiday for the first time.
35. And finally...received the greatest gift EVER. I am going on a three week expedition in July 2011. I am getting on plane, flying 22 hours and landing in Sydney where I will spend that time with my beloved Tanya Smith.

Yeah. I'd say it's been a pretty fabulous year.

Until Next time (Hopefully sooner rather than later)

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