Friday, May 22, 2009

First Blog

Ok, so basically two days ago I thought blogging was a waste of time and effort. Like people really think that their lives are so important that everyone else wants to read about them? But I started reading someone else's blog, and I was intrigued. Plus, I think this will be a lot easier for me to keep up on than writing in my journal, so why not? Here goes...

School got out yesterday and I have seriously mixed feelings. I just couldn't wait to get finished, but now that it's over I'm already missing my friends. Who knows how often we'll be able to hang together? It is nice to have a break though. People were starting to irritate me. PLUS-huge PLUS-I won't ever have to take a class with the She-Devil ever again. Mrs. Paz. Her name means peace in spanish...oximoron. Those of you who have had her in the past most likely know what I'm talking about.

Right now I'm involved in a play in Spanish Fork. I love doing plays, but lately it's been hard to find anything that I can really be passionate about. It probably would have been that way if I had made West Side Story, but I blew that. Singing in the Rain is the play I'm in. I'm a dancing girl and I just feel so inadequate because I am NOT a dancer while many of the other girls are. Not to mention the fact that every time I get involved with this theater it seems that there is always some kind of drama. I guess I'll just have to push through it. I am learning tap though which is cool and could be a benefit to put on a reseme.

I'm also going to see Rent this summer in Denver which I am totally stoked about and then in August my family and I are going to D.C. for a twin study which should make for a decent summer. Other than that, my summer is pretty much lame. If any one knows of someone who's hiring at 15, I desperately want a summer job. I want a car :)

Well that will about do it for me for today...we'll see how this goes later. Thanks for Reading!


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