Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This needed it's own post because it was just that amazing. This really was/is the highlight of my summer and pretty much my life so far :). June 11 my mom and I went down to Denver to see Rent with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal. It was so incredible. There are not words. First of all, to see Rent live was just a dream come true but to be within a few hundred feet of Adam and Anthony was something else. I really have a hard time watching most people do those roles besides Adam and Anthony. They created those characters and it's just phenomenal to see them portray them right in front of you. The other actors were really great as well. I was impressed and very happy with the way the show was cast. I was particularly impressed with the guy they cast as Collins-Michael McElroy. He had a BEAUTIFUL tenor voice and could sing just as well as Jesse L. if not better...and that is hard for me to say. After the show we went to the backstage door and got a few autographs. Antony came out and signed my copy of Without You. Sadly, Adam took a different way out so we didn't see him but just seeing him perform was enough for me. I'll try to post some pictures if I ever figure out how to do that. Still new to this whole blogging thing :) Well it's very late and I must go. Later.

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